We are the Marketing Comprehensive Company. Marcom Arabia is one of the leading Marketing Companies in Dubai that aims to help both businesses and individuals achieve their marketing goals with style, sophistication and most importantly the quality they expect and deserve. In such a competitive, dynamic market, we know how important it is to be at the top of your game and stand out from the competition. Marcom Arabia is one of the few marketing companies in Dubai that offers a variety of marketing services that can be selected depending on the client's needs. We communicate and work with our clients with utmost transparency and always listen to their advice, opinions, and project requirements. To provide you with a rewarding experience, our creative and technical team ensures that our client's requirements are met promptly and that the outcome meets their expectations.


We are thinkers, implementers and consultants. We help you design, execute and manage your marketing campaigns to build your brand and increase your reach, giving you the return on investment you want, both in the short and long term. Whether your project is as simple as reaching your audience with SMS or as large and complicated as running a full, broad and ongoing marketing campaign, your needs can be met with us. We mainly focus on Events Management, Direct Marketing, Creative Design & Production, Media Planning, Experiential Marketing and Outsourcing, yet our portfolio has a wide range of services that are designed to fit all your marketing needs.


We pride ourselves on the breadth of knowledge and creativity we bring to every project we handle, from ideation to execution to consultation.
Your journey begins with us listening to your needs, observing your search, and asking you lots of questions to make sure we are in your shoes, that we feel what you feel, and that we want what you want.
By analyzing your needs and vision, we can then begin to develop and test the most appropriate and simple, yet comprehensive plan that will rock our worlds; yours and ours, to guide us all the way until our desires are met and our needs are met.


We love losing track of time, coming up with new ideas, and working on multiple projects at once.
We love the uplifting, exhilarating energy that comes from the meeting of our minds and hearts.
We love the "WoW" look on our clients' faces when they see the magic we have spent days and nights working on.
We are enthusiastic, passionate creatives, and that's why we love what we do.